How I Made 565 Euros in My First Week, Before Even Purchasing Site Rush by Saj P, This Guy is Solid

Two weeks ago I was invited, by my brother in crime Mat, to the Lifelong Success Seminar in Limerick (sometime in November 2009). And so I drove all the way from Dublin to attend. Boy was I glad I went. After two days of inspirational material, from some of the best I’M guys out there, some of it way above my head, this slick London wide boy type took the stage. Only thing was, I knew straightaway he knew what he was talking about. This was Saj P. Now I hadn’t heard of him either but what this guy has to say about making money online is solid. And I today know it works!

First Saj P showed us how much he was making on his ClickBank account, which was thousands every day- but not osf my chart in a vulgar way, unless you think making massive amounts of cash online on a daily basis, giving you the freedom to have the lifestyle you always dreamed of is beneath your consideration!

The man is making thousands- and was also flogging a £4k course for EUR997 at that event. Now I didn’t have a pot to piss in at the time, and wished I could have signed up there and then- fact was I didn’t even have my diesel money to get back to Dublin! But what Saj P did do was throw the crowd a bone. A technique that is so simple, but if done right one that should net you money straight away. And having talked to a man at that event who netted 13k in his first two weeks using the 4 Tier Annihilation Method, using a system of arbitrage on Ebay, my interest was whetted. I wonder if I was the only one to see how powerful the FREE information Saj P gave us really was. I wanted to put this thing to the test.

1 Open an account with ClickBank. Become an affiliate marketer. Pick a product that will solve a popular need- such as weight loss for example. The product you choose should be from one of the three main best selling areas that market ebooks (money, health, God) that last one is anything spiritual. Tarot reading eBooks, for example, I imagine sell quite well. ClickBank have tutorials on how to create hoplinks (links that people click on to directt them to a product you are promoting) and how to start using banner advertising- if you are going the CPM route (cost per thousand views) as we are doing in this instance. Please bear with me, it make sense as you go through the material.

2 Go online and imagine what words or phrase someone, who wants to lose weight, might Google. This might be “how to lose weight”. Make a note of the first page of (10)results

3 Enter the following URL into a separate tab enter the keyword(s) which in this case is “how to lose weight”, what follows is a breakdown of how many people have entered that phrase into a Google search both globally and locally in the last month. Over half a million seek advice from Google sourced content, regarding weight loss. Target those people by advertising on the sites that came up on step 2.

4 to select the best site to use open in a separate tab or window. Copy the URL of the site that comes to the top of the list where directed. Hopefully a breakdown of the number of people who log onto that site and their demographics shall come up. Also Quantcast will show you if advertising is permitted and of what type (banner or boxes, whatever). Go onto the website and price for cpm advertising. CPM stands for cost per thousand, keep within some kind of budget! This is 1000 views from separate IP addresses, so no repeat views to be paid for from views on the same computer or even computers in the same building.

5 Select what you think is the best FIVE sites to conduct your first internet marketing campaign. Buy 1000 views with each one. Try not to spend more than EUR100 in or around. Never spend what you cannot afford to lose! What you will find is that you make 4 or 5 times or more upon investment on sites where the advertising is really targeting interested people who are willing to click on a banner AND are willing to buy. Repeat your business on these sites that return several times on investment. However two or three of the sites will probably break even, if that. Discard these sites, and try five new sites along with the sites that paid well in the first campaign.

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